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Out-of-the-Box Jobs and Small Business Options That Earn a Decent Living

The world is full of exciting stuff to earn money from. Different sectors require trained professionals who might not have a university degree but know their craft very well. These jobs and businesses are not so known, but most of them pay decently. There are people out there who do these jobs and earn a decent living.

You can do them as part-time jobs, as most of these don’t require much effort. You can either apply for these jobs in companies or work as a freelancer. With that in mind, here is a list of some less popular jobs that pay well:

Tree Surgeon

Trees require pruning for their wellness and public safety. Professionals who cultivate, manage, and study trees are commonly known as arborists and sometimes tree surgeons. Take note, this is no easy feat as these tree professionals have to undergo intensive training for arborists to work in the field.

They earn anywhere from $40,000 to $55,000 a year. Being an arborist is a good job where you get to work with trees. You can also choose to work for the government as they require people to take care of trees in public areas such as national parks and forest reserves.

Fake Company Executives

Many companies love to have international representatives at their meetings just for show. That’s where these decoys come into the scene. They dress up and act as company executives. Sometimes they’re required to speak or give a presentation, but these decoys often receive training to do that. They can earn up to $3,000 a week.

Golf Ball Divers

Ever wondered who retrieves all the golf balls that go into the pond? There are divers hired especially for this purpose. Think of them as sort of a search and rescue but only for golf balls. Golf ball diving might not be an easy job, but it pays well as this requires effort.

As golf courses have no off-seasons, tons of balls have to be retrieved, cleaned, and recycled. The estimated yearly salary for golf ball divers is around $150,000. A man named Glen Burger has made $50 million during his 14-year career.

Professional Bridesmaid or Groomsmen (Body for Hire)

This profession comes under the “body for hire” category. These people are hired mainly for weddings and act as bridesmaids or groomsmen. Being a professional bridesmaid is a difficult job as one has to handle different arrangements. These people take all that and can make a whopping $2,000 per day. There’s a real company called Bridesmaid for Hire who provides such people for the wedding day.

Live Art Model

Being a live art model is not a new career as it has been here for centuries. People are paid to sit or stand in a still pose for as long as an artist requires. It dates back to ancient Greece. Many famous paintings and statues were made by watching art models who would dedicate days, months, and years of their lives to this job. A live art model can earn up to an impressive $250 per hour.

Food Stylist

smartphone shot food photo

Have you ever seen a poster or photo of a delicious mouth-watering cheeseburger? If yes, then you’ve seen the work of professional food stylists. Their job comprises styling food in a desirable and appetizing way that can attract customers. This creative profession doesn’t need a design background, but it requires you to have an excellent eye for what looks good. A food stylist can earn anywhere between $25,000–$90,000 a year.

Animal Therapist

An animal therapist is an up-and-coming career of the current generation. As more people treat their pets as family, people want their pets to live their best lives and have no stress in the process. An animal therapist offers support and treatment for troubled pets. Yearly salaries can range from around $35,000 to $90,000. Dogs, cats, rabbits, horses, and dolphins are some animals that can truly benefit from therapists.

Elevator Inspectors

Before you can take a ride up an escalator or elevator, detailed work goes into them to make sure they’re perfect. Elevator inspectors are experts who examine the nitty-gritty of an elevator to eliminate malfunctions. This job requires more than moving up and down the elevator; it involves lifting and testing the mechanics for seamless work and safety.

These jobs require a high school diploma or some experience in the engineering field. Elevator inspectors can earn an annual salary of up to $50,000–$80,000. This job might seem easy, but even the slightest omission can cause detrimental harm to those using the elevator.

Ice Cream Taster

Yes, this job is as delicious as it sounds. But it’s not like anybody can do it, as this job requires a university degree with an emphasis on food science. The ideal ice cream taster must also have experience in chemistry and business and product development. One famous ice cream taster is John Harrison, considered the world’s best ice cream taste master. The Dreyer’s Grand Ice Cream company has even insured his taste buds for $1 million.

You can try your hand in some of these jobs if you want some extra income. They are fun and allow you to explore while you work. The key here is to build connections with decision-makers in various industries. Most of these don’t require a degree, so you can easily get in through your contacts. However, keep an open mind, and the rest will work out by itself.

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