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Six Ways You Can Be More Engaged in the Community

Cultivating a community as a whole is a very challenging job. You have to make sure that the people in your community are unified and every single person is involved in fostering its goals. But before you can have others engage in the community, you have to start with yourself.

Ask yourself, “Am I fulfilling my role as a part of the community?” What is your role in the community in the first place? Whether you’re just a normal person or someone with authority, your mission is to ensure that the community is a good, safe place for everyone. It also has to be a place that helps people be better.

So how can you do your part? The answer starts with keeping yourself engaged in the community.

Keep Yourself Informed About the Community

Information is an asset. You should always be well-informed to know what is going on in the world around you. It is essential to know about the leaders in your community and their plans. That way, you can help in achieving your community’s goals. It also helps you in making the right decisions and contributing ideas that can improve your community.

Staying up-to-date is very easy nowadays. When you read newspapers and watch the news, you can easily find the latest information. You can also find information through the Internet. Make sure that the things you read or watch are accurate and from reliable sources.

Engage in the Community by Sharing Your Ideas

The people know best about what their community needs. And since you are now well-informed about the important things in your community, you must probably have ideas on the things you think should change. Or maybe you have ideas about how to improve some things in it.

Make sure that others know about your concerns and ideas. That way, you can engage in the community and discuss the things that matter to you. Engaging in the community is also part of the principles of Catholic social teaching. You must share with others what you can do to help and work with them for the good of everyone.

Be Aware of Your Privilege and Create Safe Spaces for Others

Everyone experiences different amounts of privilege. You can have an advantage over certain groups of people, and certain groups of people can have an advantage over you. Being aware of this advantage is important so you can avoid stepping on others. You can also use this to influence your community positively.

By knowing the power you hold, you can find ways to help other people. Use this to create safe spaces for others. Help them make their voices heard so that they can take part in making important changes in the community and have their needs met.

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Volunteer in Your Community

Effectively helping your community can be done by doing volunteer work. Put yourself out there. By doing this, you can help improve different aspects of your community. It also allows you to connect to others through a shared cause. Remember that volunteering is a two-way street because it does not only help the community; it also helps you develop skills and expand your network.


One of the biggest changes we have to make is to make their voices heard is by participating in electing our leaders. By casting your vote, you are not just picking the people you want to lead your community. You also choose the platforms, projects, and important changes you want to happen in your community.

When voting, make sure that you weigh in the different directions each candidate is heading. Think about the possible effects of their goals in the community. You must see to it that their vision is aligned with yours and is for the good of everyone in the community.

Support Local Organizations and Businesses

Your support makes a huge difference for the organizations and businesses within your community. By supporting a local organization, you are actively helping them improve different aspects of your community. And by supporting local businesses, you are boosting your local economy. That way, more money flows within your community and benefits its overall economy.

People like us have a lot of means to impact our community. We just have to stay engaged in the many ways we can. As long as we participate in uplifting our community and making it a better place where everyone can be safe and thrive, our community will flourish. Just remember to be inclusive, share your ideas, and support the people in your community.

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